Outdoor exhibition

At the heart of Making Peace is an impressive outdoor photo exhibition, curated by Ashley Woods (Magnum Photos / VII) and edited by Karin Aneser (Focus Magazine).

An important aspect of the exhibition is that it does not travel! With support from Hewlett Packard who sponsored the original presentation along Lake Geneva, we propose that printing and mounting the entire exhibition be done in-situ using the latest HP Latex Printing Technology, recyclable paper and PET plastic. This way you reduce expensive travel costs and help keep our carbon footprint to a strict minimum.

The exhibition can be printed to match any size of support up to 156cm (61.5inches) in height but it is up to you to provide / build the stands on which to attach the panels. French and English translations already exist and you are free to add your own language.

Once your application to present the exhibition has been accepted by REALexpo and the IPB and the hire fee has been agreed to, the exhibition will be delivered to you on a DVD.

The exhibition in numbers

  • 100 panels (max size: 156cm x 125cm / 61.5inches x 50inches)
  • 124 photographs from 110 photographers / 14 agencies
  • 11.000 words translated into French & English