A major outdoor exhibit

For exhibitors

As a potential exhibitor you’ll find a number of key documents that explain in more detail, the circumstances in which the Making Peace exhibit was produced and how you can present it in your city. Please note that this exhibit is supported by the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP).

For schools

Making Peace comes with a creative and interactive Educator's Guide developed especially by Christa M.Tinari (Peace Praxis).

The Guide intends to help educators take advantage of the Making Peace exhibit as a learning experience for themselves and for their students. The Guide provides an easy-to-implement pedagogical framework for exploring the exhibit subject matters with high school or college-level students. It does not (as it might) provide additional factual information about each of the photographs that comprise the exhibit. Instead, it presents eleven lessons, each of which uses cooperative learning strategies and includes questions for research, inquiry, reflection or dialogue. The Guide can be utilized by any educator, and does not require special content knowledge in the 5 elements of peace (see Concept).

The Guide provides carefully-sequenced lessons that should be facilitated prior to, during, and after exhibit viewing. The lessons are intended to prepare students to view the exhibit, enhance their viewing experience, and inspire them to take action for peace.

For the press

If you wish to write an article about Making Peace, REALexpo, the IPB or any of the venues or people mentioned on this site or in the exhibition, then you should find the following information, documents and photos very helpful.