Rio de Janeiro BR

Making Peace Rio de Janeiro was presented in General Osorio Metro Station, Ipanema, during 7 weeks from August 1 to September 21, 2016.

The first time Making Peace is presented on the American continent, first in an underground public subway station, and perhaps more importantly, the first time that such an exhibition is presented during the Olympic Games.

"Olympism as the holder and distributor of social peace, this will be the final rung to climb." affirmed Pierre de Courbertin, founder of the Modern Olympic Games in 1894.

Making Peace comes at a time of immense turmoil in Brazilian politics, with the country's economic and social sectors in chaos. As such our partnership with organizations such as the Center for Judicial Memory, in developing educational activities around the exhibition was vital: allowing local educators the possibility of using images from the exhibition to stimulate discussion on reform.

The venue for the exhibition could not have been better, with the subway station Metro General Osorio situated directly under the favela of Cantagallo, one of the city's largest slums. In the words of local activist, educator and International Children’s Peace Prize winner Mayra Avellar Neves:

The desire for peace may be the most important wish in my neighborhood. We cannot allow so much injustice to affect so many people. We cannot wait until someone else takes the initiative. We have to do it ourselves.

Through Making Peace, we hope to motivate people, especially youth, to join forces with local activists such as Mayra, and become part of the solution in building a brighter future.